The All New BMW X4

February 21st, 2018 by

Within the first two weeks of February 2018, BMW launched its world premiere of the redesigned BMW X4. Even though BMW sold 200,000 of the first generation since its release in 2014, many still criticized the model due to its similarity to the X3.

The all new x4 will silence the critics this time around. It is 3 inches longer and 1.4 inches wider than its previously model, sitting slightly lower to the ground to create a much sportier driving experience. Two major exterior changes are the shape of the fog lights along with the size of the grill. The fog lights are now in slanted rectangular-shaped housings instead of standard circles. The front of the car presents an overall sleeker, meaner look because of the larger grill, arched headlights, and the rectangular fog lights.

As for the rear of the vehicle, the glass is much flatter and is topped off with a small spoiler. There is also a noticeable difference in the overall shape. The all –new X4 has a smoother, wavier rear-end compared to its previous model. It is similar to the shape of the newly released X2’s rear side.

But the biggest switch on the interior design of the X4 has to be the placement of the BMW iDrive display screen. It is placed on top of the dashboard like many other new BMW models. This is the biggest difference since the release of the first X4, which still had the iDrive display screen flush in the middle of the car’s control stack. The purpose behind this change is to let the driver’s eyes stay closer to the road at a higher angle (safer).

For all the M fans, there will be an M40i model available. Both versions of the 2019 X4 will be for sale in July.

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