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BMW of Ridgefield Lease End Options

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Guide for turning in your BMW at the end of your lease contract.

With your lease ending soon, BMW of Ridgefield is available to assist through every aspect of the lease-end process regardless of where you originally leased your vehicle. One of our Lease End Professionals will provide you with straightforward information to help you make a lease end decision that meets your needs.

For the most effective lease-end consultation, we suggest you contact us at least 120 days prior to your BMW lease end date. We would like to review all options that range from purchasing your existing BMW lease to leasing a new BMW.


Get a New BMW

New BMW Inventory

A BMW of Ridgefield sales advisor will be happy to demonstrate all the latest BMW models offered and review the sales terms with you. You can lease a new car or choose financing or cash options. You may also want to consider a late model pre-owned car from our tremendous inventory of Certified Pre-Owned BMW’s.Your sales advisor will take care of the lease-end turn-in process for your current car. You can just leave your current car with us when you pick up your new one. Make sure you have BMW of Ridgefield inspect your BMW before you turn it in.


Keep Your BMW

Service Specials

BMW Financial Services is actually the owner of your car. Your lease includes a contractual buy-out option price executable at the end of the lease. If you decide you want to exercise your buy-out option, then BMW of Ridgefield will “sell” you your car.A BMW of Ridgefield Client Advisor will assist you with your buy-out transaction. A new sales agreement is drawn up. Your are required to pay sales tax on the buy-out (in a lease, you have only paid sales tax on the monthly payments, so you still owe sales tax on the rest of the car ) and we must re-register the car in your name. Your Client Advisor can review options for financing or the re-release of your car.


Turn-in Your BMW

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You can drop off your BMW at the end of your lease to our BMW of Ridgefield Pre-Owned center at 746 Danbury Road, Ridgefield, CT. When you turn in your vehicle we will give you a copy of the final odometer statement for your records. You are welcome to drop off your lease-end car with us Monday through Friday between 10:00am and 5:00pm.If you are considering getting out of your lease early, do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss your options. We can help you whether you leased your car from us or not.

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