BMW i3 Flexible Mobility

What is it?

Flexible Mobility is an Electric Lifestyle service provided by select BMW i Centers. While the range of the i3 is suitable for 90% of trips for most drivers, there are occasions where more range is needed. This program provides i3 owners with easy access to conventional vehicles for long range trips.

How does it work?

BMW i3 owners who purchased their vehicle from BMW of Ridgefield are entitled to a loaner vehicle for those longer trips and vacations at a maximum of 9 days per calendar year per customer.

Who is this program for?
BMW i3 owners who purchased their vehicle from BMW of Ridgefield.


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Rules for Participation

  • BMW of Ridgefield i vehicle buyers will be entitled to 3 Flexible Mobility trips per year with a maximum of 3 consecutive days per trip.
  • BMW of Ridgefield Flexible Mobility Program is only available if i vehicle was purchased at BMW of Ridgefield.
  • Mileage used after the allotted 400 miles will be charged $1.50 per mile.
  • Vehicles returned after the designated return date will be charged $250.00 per day.
  • Due to seasonal/inventory limitations, some BMW models may not be available for this program.
  • This program may not be available during a holiday weekend.
  • Smoking and abuse is strictly prohibited.
  • Driver must have valid insurance and driver's license.