Extend the Life of Your Tires: Rotate Them Regularly

Your tires are an absolutely vital part of your vehicle, and replacing them can be a big expense. One of the best ways to ensure that you get as much use as possible out of your current set of tires is to regularly have them rotated according to the manufacturer's recommended schedule.

Constant contact with the roadway while driving causes your tires to gradually lose some of their tread. This tread gives you better traction and better overall vehicle control. Naturally, the tires that have the most weight on them, whether it is the front set or the back set of tires, will start showing signs of wear sooner. This uneven wearing can lead to you needing to replace tires more often.

Here at BMW of Ridgefield, our service department staff is happy to provide you with fast routine tire rotation service. Contact us to find out more about tire rotation and to make your next maintenance appointment.
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