Get With The Program and Get Your Automobile Loan Pre-Approved

Now you can know what your financial arrangements are before going to the dealership to purchase a new or used car or truck. You can go to our website, fill out a brief form with your basic information and quickly receive your status.

Shopping for a new or used car can be a very enjoyable experience, but just think how much more enjoyable it will be when you know for sure that your financing package is intact and that it will carry the load making your time looking for a car into a more productive experience.

It used to be that you would pick out the car that you wish to purchase, and then you go to the finance guy who would go through the paperwork with you while you sweated bullets. You sat there on pins and needles until after an hour or two you got your car loan finalized.

Now all of that is in the past, so fill out the form, and we'll see you in the showroom. Contact us here at BMW of Ridgefield to get started.