Keep Your BMW's Gas Tank Full this Winter

As you know, we get very cold winter seasons here in Connecticut. But what you may not actually know is that it is a very good habit to always make sure that you keep your gas tank full at all times during winter, or at least more full than empty. Not only will you be much less likely to run out of gas, but you will also avoid a lot of problems and car trouble such as having condensation build up in your fuel lines and freezing during the cold weather this winter! If this happens to your BMW, you won't get any gas to your engine and the car simply will not be able to start.

There is usually some dirt in your gas as well, and if your gas levels gets too low, it is much more likely to clog your fuel filter which is expensive to fix. So top up your gas as often as possible this winter season!

Take the time to get your car serviced in addition to make sure that it is ready for the winter conditions and the cold weather ahead. A little maintenance goes a very long way when it comes to keeping your car on the road, so book your service appointment with us at BMW of Ridgefield today!

Categories: Service
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